Company History

          For the past 20 years, Robin Potampa-Ziv and Kevin Davis have worked both together and separately in noteworthy Hospitality firms. In 1995 Robin and Kevin became partners in a Sausalito firm which soon expanded beyond its facility constraints and resulted in the formation of Ziv Davis in 1998.


Ziv Davis

           In our current Sausalito location, we continue to service the hospitality industry. Themed projects and a variety of design solutions in the hospitality industry become our trademark. Many of our projects are done in concert with multiple offices and project teams. We believe that being a team player is essential to the process as well as achieving a successful project. Because we strive to create a unique look for each project, we are experts at achieving the customization of all materials at the price-point needed. Our knowledge of manufactures and what our vendors are capable of, enable us to provide a service that is on time and in budget. The maintainability aspect of each project is critical in material selection so the project can withstand the element of time.


Ziv Davis LLC

The following is a list of services we can provide within each phase.

Programming / Conceptual Design Phase

  • The program, scope of work and budget are defined.
  • The client’s market research and user demographics are defined.
  • Research of design themes and selection of images which define the design.
  • Vision Book: Pictorial vision Books can be created for marketing and funding.
  • Schedule or project timeline defined.
  • Project management and consultant coordination matrix responsibilities defined.
  • Conceptual design schemes can be rendered in plan and perspective sketches.
  • Client reviews of work and, when satisfied, approves start of next phase.

Design Development

  • Preliminary code research to determine conformance of design with local regulations.
  • Program and scope of work definitions are finalized.
  • Images and finish selection are formatted into color boards
  • Overall design concepts are developed in the following formats:
    • Enlarged floor and ceiling plans
    • Colored elevation studies.
    • Furnishing plans.
    • Color renderings.
  • Coordination of work by consultants occurs
  • Schedule is reviewed and updated.
  • Budget analysis (Compare projected to DD Phase)
  • Pre-bid package is prepared for contractor pricing with finishes defined as well

as major interior architectural elements.

  • All systems are defined which include lighting systems and mechanical systems.
  • Team regroups to analyze cost implications, redefine goals and priorities
  • and adjust project scope before documents are prepared.
  • Client reviews work and, when satisfied, approves start of next phase.